Wanderlust Wednesday: Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb 2010

Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

June 2010

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If someone asked me, “What’s your favorite travel adventure thusfar?” Hands down, Australia.

A little background: Ever since I can remember, I’d wanted to go to the Land Down Under. So, my parents surprised me with a trip there as a high school graduation present. My dad and I were blessed to spend almost 3 weeks seeing Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock and the Outback, and Sydney. I kept a travel journal while we were there to remember every tiny detail! (mostly for my mom since she couldn’t come because of the long plane ride)

I really hope to go back there one day…maybe even get a job and live down there with my marine biology degree….fingers crossed!

Anyways, back to the purpose of this post.

One of the most unique experiences I had during my time Down Under was climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

My dad and I started out that day (June 3rd) a little worried since the forecast was rain, rain, and more rain. Guess that’s the one drawback of traveling to the southern hemisphere when it’s summer back in America haha

Rain couldn’t keep us away from our scheduled appointment at the Bridge Climb facilities, though! My dad had signed us up for the Discovery climb about a month in advance, just to make sure we secured a spot. Pre-booking is a necessity!

We arrived about an hour early (9:00am) to check things outs, and we managed to snag an upgrade to a sooner time! HUZZAH!

So, we headed upstairs to be briefed on safety, harnesses,and  jumpsuits, and met our leader, Maria, as well as our fellow climbers: a couple from Tasmania and an older couple from New Jersey with their 25 year old daughter.

Once we were decked out in our climbing gear and warm hats and gloves, we were ready to go!

You begin underneath the bridge, almost at street level and gradually ascend a multitude of steps/stairs. No need to worry about falling though–you wear a large harness that locks onto a sturdy cable. Probably one of the safest climbs around. Our tour leader told us cool facts about the bridge and pointed out landmarks whenever we would pause to take a break. The couple from Tasmania  evenpointed out the harbor homes of Keith Urban and John Travolta!

When we reached the top, the sun randomly decided to pop out and shine down on us, presenting with it a GORGEOUS rainbow– we all remarked at what a miracle it was! Our tour leader quickly snapped the group pic of us– you can faintly see the rainbow just above my thumbs up in the air haha

The Aboriginal flag and Australian flag were flying for a special festival when we climbed, so it was a gorgeous thing to witness! Those flags were massive–you can kinda get a sense in this pic I took from shore.

Sadly, you couldn’t bring personal cameras, so I wasn’t able to get any pics while we were climbing, but our leader took some for us!

After admiring the views of the harbor, we heard a massive clap of thunder and saw some lightning. YIKES! So, we hit the road and started our descent. The rain started to pour like the dickens and cold wind nipped at our faces and gloves– it was a far cry from the rainbow we had just witnessed. Later we learned that the time we were originally scheduled for was cancelled because of the freak tornado warnings and bad weather– God works in mysterious ways, we sure counted our blessings!

After we made it back to the main climb office around 12:30pm, we stripped off all our soaking jumpsuits and changed back into regular clothes. It sure felt nice to be warm and dry!

We ended the adventure with some lunch and had fun chatting about the beauty from the top. :)


If you’re interested in doing the climb, here’s some quick fun facts:

  • There are 3 climbs to choose from– Basic, Discovery, and Express
  • The Discovery climb takes roughly 3.5 hours, including all the prep.
  • The top of the bridge is 134 meters above the water.
  • You get a complimentary group photo and a “I climbed it!” certificate
  • The gift shop is HUGE and amazing
  • Your calves will be so sore the next day from all the stairs and ladders haha

To learn more about the climbs, prices, and plans, click here to visit their website!

It was such a fun experience, I definitely recommend it if you’re visiting Sydney!!


(photo credit– bridge climb)


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  3. How cool that you guys got a RAINBOW at the top! Too perfect! That sounds like such an amazing climb! It must have been scary to be up there with a storm coming in…especially climbing down a huge metal structure! What an awesome graduation gift. When you move there…I’m coming to visit!

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