Wanderlust Wednesday: Goosewing Dude Ranch 2007

Goosewing Dude Ranch 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Summer 2007

wanderlust wed - Copy

Before I begin though, I just have to say a MAJOR thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. You guys are the most supportive, welcoming, and friendly community of people I’ve ever come across. Seriously, why can’t I meet more of you in the real world?!?! 😀 I really appreciate your kindness so much!


For this week, I’m going WAY back to 2007 when my parents and I went to Goosewing Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Like every other teenage girl, I was obsessed with horses. I collected model horses, took riding lessons, and jumped at any opportunity to be near an equine. So when my parents said we’d be going on a “different” kind of vacation to a dude ranch, I was thrilled.

Landing at Jackson Hole’s tiny airport, one memory sticks in my mind: gawking at the monolith overtaking my plane window. The monolith otherwise known as the Tetons. To this day, I have never seen mountains more majestic and beautiful.

It took us awhile to drive out to the ranch, but after getting lost once or twice and refusing to ask for directions (shhh don’t let my dad know I said that), we finally made it to the secluded, stunning dude ranch: Goosewing.

wyoming dude ranch triparoo 119


We headed to the main house and checked in; eventually making our way to our cabin (pictured above). It was cozy and decked out in rustic furniture–making it feel like we went back in time to the old frontier.

After getting situated, we met some of the staff, other guests, and were assigned to the horses we would ride during trail rides. I can’t remember my mom’s horse’s name, but my dad’s horse was Pepper, and mine was Louie. Louie was a meanie though, he bucked multiple times and was a bully to the other horses haha

wyoming dude ranch triparoo 111

Over the course of the three days we stayed there, we did a variety of activities: trail rides, painting some of the horses like Indians, fly fishing, playing with the ranch dogs, hikes, square dancing, camp fires, cookouts, you name it. It was incredible to live that lifestyle and unplug from the real world. Being with nature and focusing on what really matters in life was the most soothing feeling! I remember my mom and I joking about how my dad was having withdrawals from electronics/email/TV/phones haha as an electrical engineer, I guess it’s hard to step away sometimes 😉

scenery pups! trail ride wyoming dude ranch triparoo 155 mom and dad painting wyoming dude ranch triparoo 116 wyoming dude ranch triparoo 170 wyoming dude ranch triparoo 182

I loved how Goosewing involved every guest with activities as well–we did most things as a group and formed a lot of friendships. In addition, all of the meals were cooked by the staff and we had a “family-style” lunch and dinner with the other guests at the ranch. Boy, was it some good eatin!!

One of the things I’ll never forget was walking out on the porch of our cabin and star gazing at night. There were no sounds of the city, no pollution, just the sound of crickets, horses, and the occasional crackling of firewood. Never before had I seen stars so bright and vivid. I almost felt like I could reach out and grab a handful to keep in my pocket. Truly humbling.

We left Goosewing heavy-hearted and wanting more. Although we explored Yellowstone in the days following, I couldn’t shake the spell Goosewing had placed on me.

To this day, I miss that peacefulness and calm. I would love to return, or just have my own ranch to experience that solitude on a daily basis! One day, one day 🙂

wyoming dude ranch triparoo 196 wyoming dude ranch triparoo 121



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  2. Wow – what an incredible experience! Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory with us! You captured your time at Goosewing so well; I’m ready to pack my bags and head west! Wanna join me for round two? 😀 Actually, the Tetons aren’t far from where I grew up (Boise), and we used to go camping there every other summer. Talk about breathtakingly beautiful!

    I LOVE your new blog! So glad you’re writing again! Hugs! xoxo ❤

  3. I love so much about this!! The Tetons stole my heart in August when I got to see them for the first time– it must have been so incredible to spend a few days just living on land out there! I love the last picture with all of the horses running…it just makes me want to ride them or run free with them! And the picture of your mom and dad dancing is SO beautiful– you can see so much joy in both of their faces!! When I grow up, I will DEFINITELY be taking my family on a dude ranch vacation!! Wanna come??

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