DIY Ticket Display

I’m a ticket-hoarder.

Any museum, amusement park, ballgame, play, movie, concert…if it has a ticket, I hold onto that baby like a wild baboon cradling a banana.

While I was cleaning my room this Christmas break, I stumbled upon the majority of my tickets stashed in a heap within my dresser drawer. I thought to myself, “What a pitiful way to keep such awesome memories!”

So I set out on a quest. A Pinterest quest, that is.

And then, by a miracle, I found this and ran to the craft store like it was Black Friday.

So if you’re a fellow ticket-hoarder, or just want a unique way to showcase some of your favorite memories, here’s a simple step-by-step process to make your own Ticket Display Shadow Box!

DIY Ticket Display


Materials Needed:

  • Shadow box (I got an 8×10 at JoAnn’s for $13)
  • Colorful craft paper
  • Tickets
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Optional: stickers, pens, crayons, glitter etc



1. Decorate the background and inside of your shadow box however you’d like. I cut my craft paper down to fit the box and made a small “Memories” label with a Sharpie and giraffe paper.

DSC_0118 DSC_0119

2. Place your shadow box face down. Arrange your tickets/memorabilia at the bottom of the box and make sure the writing is facing the glass. You wouldn’t want to see boring backs of tikets 😉


3. Lay your background on top of the tickets and close up the frame.

4. Display and enjoy!


Pretty cool, huh? I may need to upgrade my box as I acquire more and more tickets though. Oh, the woes of a ticket hoarder haha

Have a great weekend! I promise I won’t be as MIA once the semester begins next Wednesday–this blog will be a great source of procrastination mwahaha 😉

Also, you may want to update your blog feed readers, because my URL is now Another company informed me that they had already used “gluten free globetrotter” so now my abode shall be dubbed “Globetrotting Guppy!” 🙂


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