Wanderlust Wednesday: Hodge Podge of Travels

It’s a trip bonanza!

wanderlust wed - Copy

For this Wanderlust Wednesday, I thought I’d feature some of the trips I’d been on that lack many pictures. They may lack lots of physical pictures, but the memories and mental images never fade!

Pikes Peak, CO (2009)

We were visiting Colorado State University and decided to drive to the summit (in our rent-a-car from Hawaii!!! haha). The cloud cover was thick so we couldn’t see much, but it was neat to see snow in July, a friendly fox near the peak, and snow taller than my head! 🙂

College Trip 2009!! 014 College Trip 2009!! 016 College Trip 2009!! 049 College Trip 2009!! 074 College Trip 2009!! 096 College Trip 2009!! 101 College Trip 2009!! 122

London, England (1998ish?)

We went on a family trip to visit some of my dad’s friends/colleagues he met during his time working on the Chunnel. It was a blast! We went to so many places, including Big Ben, Harrod’s, Winchester cathedral, the zoo, and Stonehenge. I was little when we went, but still remember the fun we had. 20140303_122923 20140303_122940 20140303_123004 20140303_123044

Old Friends Farm, Lexington, KY (2009)

Old Friends is a terrific “retirement home” that caters to retired racehorses and movie horses, including Popcorn Deelites, the horse who played Seabiscuit! It was a fun tour and the horses were in heaven with the lush green pastures 🙂  

Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 074 Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 079 Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 095 Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 133

Oklahoma City Memorial, OK (2007)

My dad and I briefly went here when I accompanied him on a business trip. The memorial for the OKC bombing was somber but so beautiful.

044 0915071327-00

New Orleans, LA (2011)

We stopped in New Orleans en route to Biloxi, Mississippi. I wasn’t a huge fan of the city, it was kind of chaotic! But while in Louisiana, we also went on an alligator swamp tour and visited my mom’s childhood home. That was a blast!

DSC_0099 DSC_0105 DSC_0108 DSC_0115 DSC_0119 DSC_0232

Nashville, TN (2009)

From strolling down the main strip, hearing wannabe country stars jamming, to exploring the gardens overlooking the waterfront, Nashville was a cool city! The Hard Rock Café was pretty darn tasty as well 🙂

Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 002 Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 007 Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 027

Santa Fe, NM (2006)

For my mom’s birthday, we took her on a ski trip to New Mexico! It was my first time to ever ski and it as a blast!! Props to anyone who can successfully walk in those boots–it’s an artform in itself!!

20140303_122901 - Copy

Well, I guess that’s enough photo bombardment for the day haha It sure was fun remembering these trips, though! I think I may use this theme in the future 😉

Have an awesome day! 🙂

What’s the coolest city you’ve visited?


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