Wanderlust Wednesday: Hodge Podge Part Two

Trip Bonanza Part 2!

wanderlust wed - Copy

In continuation from my last Wanderlust Wednesday, I’m doing another Travel Bonanza/Picture Explosion/Adventure-tastic post featuring trips with few pictures.


Fort Collins, CO (2009)

During the summer before my senior year of high school, my family and I visited three of the colleges I’d been accepted to: University of Wyoming, Montana State University, and Colorado State University. We turned the college trip into a vacation and went to Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Pryor Mountains, and other neat places along the drive. I ended up choosing Colorado State and went there for my first freshman semester prior to transferring due to roommate issues and a change in majors. CSU is located in Fort Collins, a wonderful, enchanting city in the northern part of the state. I fell in love with that town–small town feel, bike paths everywhere, unique shops, Horsetooth reservoir, and who can say no to the mountain views! 🙂 I really enjoyed my time there and hope to visit the friends I made there one day 🙂

College Trip 2009!! 160 College Trip 2009!! 161 College Trip 2009!! 376 DSC_0003 DSC_0043 IMAG0059

Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY (2008)

Louisville is SUCH a neat town. Some of the highlights there included visiting the Louisville slugger factory and getting a personalized bat, taking a “behind the scenes” tour at Churchill Downs, going to the Kentucky Derby museum, and eating at the BEST café in the history of ever: Boomer’s.

bat BF 2008!!! 066 BF 2008!!! 069 BF 2008!!! 070 BF 2008!!! 084

Breyerfest, Lexington, KY (July 2006-2009)

When I was younger, I used to collect model horses. Since I couldn’t have a real horse, I was OBSESSED with Breyer models and had bookshelves filled with them. My parents made a deal with me–if I got straight A’s in my classes freshman year of high school, I could choose the vacation we went on during the summer. My dream was Breyerfest–a three day event at the Kentucky Horse Park put on by Breyer. I got the grades, and my dreams came true in 2006! This tradition carried on all four years and each year, I chose to go to Breyerfest. Every July, this fest features the horses behind the models, shows and demonstrations, raffles, dog agility events, petting zoos, crafts, collector swaps, and much more. And every year had a different theme with different “special run” models you could buy at the mecca gift shop. It was SUCH a blast!! Seeing the shows and being able to meet other horse lovers and collectors was awesome. While I know my parents didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, I am appreciative for their patience and kindness to let me have so many wonderful summers in Kentucky.

BF 07 026 BF 2008!!! 011 BF 2008!!! 018 BF 2008!!! 028 BF 2008!!! 040 BF 2008!!! 041 BF 2008!!! 065 BF 2008!!! 099 Breyerfest 2007 Part 1 004 Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 065 Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 157 Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 332 Breyerfest 2009 Trip!! 451

Grant’s Farm, St. Louis, MO (2008)

On our way to Breyerfest in 2008, we stopped in St. Louis and did some sightseeing! After checking out the iconic arch, we ventured out to Grant’s Farm and met the Budweiser Clydesdales. The mares and foals were so friendly, and the landscaping was overflowing with rainbow colored flowers. I could easily plop in the shade under one of the many oak trees and sit there forever 🙂

arch arch2 BF 2008!!! 054 BF 2008!!! 056 BF 2008!!! 059 BF 2008!!! 063

Next post, I’ll probably recap the trip I went on with my parents over spring break–to Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon! It was awesome, I can’t wait to share the adventures with y’all! 😀

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