Wanderlust Wednesday: Texas Edition

Texas Explorations

wanderlust wed - Copy

Some of you know that I was born and raised in the Dallas area and have lived here my entire life.

I’ve grown accustomed to the lack of seasons, the inferno summers, and brown, flat terrain. But there are a lot of positives about this region of the US as well! Gargantuan oak trees that tower over houses and yards, possums that taunt family pets from the tree canopies above, tex-mex food, cicada symphonies that fill the air on summer nights, mockingbird songs that greet each morning.

Yep, Texas is a pretty swell place.

So, I thought this Wanderlust Wednesday could feature my home state and some of the neat things it has to offer. Because sometimes, it’s fun to be a tourist in your own backyard! 😀 These are just a few of the towns I’ve been to in this state. It’s truly a unique one! The varying terrain and overall distance makes it feel like multiple states when you’re driving it, though!

Arlington: Screams and laughs at Six Flags Over Texas, cracking peanuts and catching fouls at Rangers baseball games, and now home to “Jerry World” where the Cowboys play. (For the record, I loathe the Cowboys…sorry).

1-Arlington, Texas

Austin: Home of the state capital, the University of Texas, and unique “Keep Austin Weird” attitude.

2-Austin, Texas

Corpus Christi: Exploring the inner workings of the USS Lexington, stuffing yourself on fresh seafood, shopping in giant sandcastle gift shops, and exploring the Texas State Aquarium! It’s also home to the Island University: Texas A&M Corpus Christi— my awesome alma mater! 😀

3- Corpus Christi, Texas Texas State Aquarium

Dallas: SO much to do and see! The exhilarating menagerie at the zoo, country music concerts at the American Airlines Center (the reason I’m standing next to Keith Urban is because I won a drawing to meet him backstage! BEST DAY EVER), funky fish and pugnacious penguins at the aquarium, art museums, symphonies, huge farmer’s markets, and even the chance to have a fancy dinner in the rotating Reunion Tower overlooking the city (I never have but I hear it’s cool!).

4-Dallas Aquarium 5-American Airlines Center 6-Country Music 7-Dallas Zoo (1) 8-Dallas Zoo (2)

Fort Worth: Another zoo filled with lions, zebras and other magical creatures, cattle and horses clippity clopping down the brick roads at the stockyards, and the famous honky tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas!

9-Fort Worth, Texas

Galveston: Even though the waters aren’t crystal clear, there’s still a lot of fun to be had at the beach. Feeding seagulls Wendy’s French fries, shell hunting and meeting new crab friends, and gift shops galore. It’s also not far from Houston where you can check out the rodeo, NASA, and a lot of other attractions!

10- Galveston, Texas

Plano: Ogling at the colorful balloons at the yearly balloon festival and satisfying your wilderness bug at the Arbor Hills hiking/nature preserve.

Plano Balloon Festival (1) Plano Balloon Festival (2) Plano Wildlife Park

So come on down to Texas, y’all! You won’t regret it! 😀




  1. I want to visit Texas so bad!!! I’ve never been, but there are plenty of things I know I would love!! I think playing tourist in my own state is a blast too. I have been to the major tourist spots in Seattle SO many time, but each time is equally fun!

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