Muscle Milk RTD’s

Muscle Milk: Ready to Drink Bottles

Muscle milk has been fueling athletes for years with their wide range of sports nutrition supplements. They have protein powders, bars, pre-workouts, and ready-to-drink convenience bottles. In addition to the majority of their other products, Muscle Milk’s ready-to-drink bottles are all gluten and lactose free!


One of the sponsors at a recent 5k I attended was Muscle Milk and they were handing out a BUNCH of free drinks, so I took full advantage and decided to conduct a personal taste-testing.

The “light” versions have 160 calories and 20g protein, while the “original” versions have 220 calories and 25g protein. All have no lactose, no gluten, minimal sugar, and derive most of their fuel from healthy fats; especially MCT oils which have been found less likely to store fat than other oils–perfect for any athlete or health conscious person!



Chocolate (light)


By far my absolute favorite. Taste was SPOT ON, exactly like chocolate milk. Not overly sweet but at the same time, tasty enough to make you want to go back for more sips. It didn’t leave any weird after taste either. Totally a 10/10.

Vanilla Latte (light)


This one is caffeinated, so I drank it one morning before I worked out. Taste-wise, it was pretty good! The flavor was subtle vanilla, with a hint of toffee. It reminded me of that french vanilla Coffeemate creamer stuff. It left a semi-weird aftertaste, but not too bad. Caffeine wise, I didn’t experience any crashes or jitters which was nice, and my workout went normally. I give it an 8/10.

Strawberries N’ Creme (original)


This one threw me for a loop. I was expecting something like strawberry milk, but it actually tasted like a strawberry banana smoothie! I have NO idea where the banana-ness came from, but it was good! One downside: I kept experiencing that flavor every time I burped…7/10

Banana Creme (original)


This one was probably my least favorite. Others have told me the banana was incredible, so I went in with high expectations. GROSS. It tasted just barely like banana with a strong chemically flavor. It also left me with a freaky aftertaste in my mouth that reminded me of metal…weird. 2/10 (I’ll give it some brownie points for at least satiating me haha)

Vanilla Creme (original)


This one used to be my favorite before I tried chocolate. It’s not too shabby vanilla-wise, similar to the vanilla latte. But it does leave a somewhat funky aftertaste that stays on your tongue for hours afterward…kinda weird. 6/10.


Also, at Vitamin Shoppe, I came across two more new-to-me flavors: Cake Batter and Cookies and Cream! YES CAKE BATTER.

Cake Batter (original)


WOW. JUST WOW. This one totally ties with the chocolate for my favorite. It tasted EXACTLY and I mean EXACTLY like vanilla flavored waffles…or even fresh-baked sugar cookies. And even better, it left no weird aftertaste, just the aroma of fresh baked deliciousness. The flavor kept me going back for more–I chugged the entire 2 serving bottle! Hands down a 10/10.

Cookies and Cream (original)


Like the cake batter, I was stunned at the deliciousness of this one. It literally tasted like a Dairy Queen oreo blizzard–took me back to my pre-gluten issue days! There was a bit of a freaky after flavor, but overall I really enjoyed it, totally my second favorite out of the contenders. 9/10.


It was so fun trying out all the new flavors and discovering how much I actually like Muscle Milk as a brand. I’d never really had it before this, and now I can officially say I’m an addict. The lack of lactose and gluten really helps my tummy stay happy, the flavors are to die for, and they make great snacks. Their price ranges from $2-$4 a bottle, but WORTH it. So worth it.


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