Simply Bar

Simply Protein Bars

Recently, I received some samples of Simply Bars to try.

So what are Simply Bars??

ONE OF THE MOST DELICIOUS PROTEIN BARS I’VE EVER HAD. Like rice krispy treats but protein packed! Not to mention they’re gluten free, dairy free, and chock full of fiber.

Here’s a little about the bars:

The Simply Bar­­ is a high protein, low sugar, low fat, low glycemic bar with only a handful of natural ingredients. Founder Cathy Richards created the SimplyBars after experiencing difficulties finding snacks that didn’t upset her stomach. She has Crohn’s Disease.

Each bar contains 16 g protein, paired with 2-4g of fat, under 3 g of sugar, 4 g of fiber, and 160 calories or less. Each bar is based on Non GMO soy crisps along with organic brown rice syrup, and has NO sugar alcohols.

The Simply Bar makes a great snack for athletes (pre and post workout), vegans, health conscience individuals and those suffering from Celiac, Crohn’s and IBS. In addition to being a great snack, The Simply Bar is gluten free, low GI, dairy free, Kosher and easy-to-digest.

I’d seen other bloggers, especially Canadians, rave about how delicious they were and I loved the nutrition stats, so I contacted the company. They were so friendly and like a speeding bullet, Jesseny sent me the most AMAZING sample pack!

simp bar

Caramel Peanut: This was the first one I tried. HOLY COW it set the standards high right off the bat. This bar tasted identical to Cracker Jacks! There were chunks of peanut dispersed throughout that added a delicious crunch. Also, it had the texture of a rice krispy treat and it smelled like homemade peanut brittle. Major deliciousness right there.


Peanut Butter Chocolate: Ehh this one was okay. My expectations were high, so I ripped open the package like a hyena when I had it pre workout one morning. It tasted much more chocolate-y than peanut butter-y. I couldn’t really taste the peanutness until the after flavor hit me, and even then it was mild. I enjoyed the texture though!


Lemon Coconut: MY FAVORITE by far! Right from the get-go, it smelled strongly of lemon. In addition, it had that delicious rice krispy texture, and left a wonderful lemon aftertaste. It kinda reminded me of a Lemon Luna bar. What was super cool though– it had ginormous chunks of coconut shavings. YESSSSS :D

simp3 simp4

Cinnamon Pecan: Sadly, this was my least favorite– I’m not a cinnamon fan and that was the main flavor of this bar. But, if you like ALOT of cinnamon with a hint of nutiness, then this is for you!



In addition to these flavors, they also have Cocoa Raspberry and Cocoa Coffee, along with new protein chips! You can check out all of their products here.

Since they are so low in calories, I would recommend eating them with something else. I found myself kinda ravenous if I just ate the bar alone for a snack, so I’d add in an apple or mixed nuts.

All I know, is that I’m TOTALLY going to be ordering a lemon coconut or caramel peanut box in the future. If you’re interested in buying some, here’s a list of the stores they sell their bars in.  Thanks again to Jesseny and the folks at Simply Bar! You officially have a new addict!


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